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Sara Barrera


Sara Barrera was born in 1991 in Albany, Georgia. She obtained both her bachelors and master’s in history and is currently working on her second masters in English Language and Literature. Nonetheless, she believes education should be interdisciplinary since all issues and events intersect. Therefore, she unofficially studies psychology, esotericism, sociology, astrology, philosophy, languages, and critical theories alongside her research. Her master’s thesis focuses on the murdering of the feminine in American society, and how this hatred of femininity impacts America’s natural environment, illustrated in the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Lastly, her interest in Russian language and literature led her to publish a work focusing on Russian Doomer music, the Soviet Past, and its influence on American TikTok.

Professionally, Sara has taught English as a second language for over six years and has tutored English and history for over nine years. She has lived and taught English in Taipei, Taiwan and Istanbul, Turkey and either studied abroad or traveled to Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Greece and Canada. She presently resides in the United States of America. In her spare time, Sara enjoys reading fantasy and Young Adult novels, learning Russian, HTML, and French, being with her cat, and traveling. She relishes the opportunity of working with Arcadia, and its mission to provide free educational content, while also enhancing and refining her editing skills in the industry.

Specialty Areas Include:

• English Literature
• English Language
• History
• Composition, Rhetoric, and Editing

Sara Barrera

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