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Polina Merbaum


Polina Merbaum was born in 1993 in the heart of Russia. She always wanted to have a profession that makes a difference, therefore she went on to pursue a medical degree at Sechenov First Medical University in Moscow. During her time at the university, she visited European and Asian hospitals to adopt their experience. After obtaining her MD degree she stayed at the hospital, mastering her neurology and clinical research skills. At those times she wrote a manuscript for other clinical specialists to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of complex headaches but it was never enough for her.

Polina moved to the Netherlands to dive into the depth of fundamental biological knowledge about the brain and human nervous system. To achieve it, she entered Erasmus University or Rotterdam to study neuroscience, where she gained hands-on laboratory experience and improved her academic writing. Currently, Polina lives in the Netherlands learning the Dutch language to continue her scientific career.

Being a great fan of classic and contemporary Russian literature, Polina read more than 300 books and wrote a book of poetry herself. In her free time, she explores the globe structuring tips for travelers in her travel blog, does aerial sports, or spends time with her guinea pigs.

Her specialities are:

• Medicine and Health
• Neuroscience
• Molecular biology and genetics
• Russian literature

Polina Merbaum

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