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Pelin Burcu Öztürk


Pelin Burcu Öztürk, was born in 1997 in Turkey. Her inquisitive personality shined up when she was a child. She was interested in both the mathematical and artistic fields. Right after completing a bachelor's degree in international trade and finance in 2020, she decided to have a fashion management master's.

The master’s degree she earned showed her a new path in storytelling marketing and content creation. She worked as a creative and editorial assistant in an international art organization that revealed her passion for art. She is currently pursuing an Art History master's at the Tor Vergata University of Rome.

Currently based in Rome, spending her days in a magnificent open-air museum and trying to learn new things every day.

Her specialty areas are:
• Corporate Finance
• Data Analytics
• Storytelling Marketing
• Content Creation
• Art History

Pelin Burcu Öztürk

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