Pamella Amorim Liz

Team Editor

Pamella Amorim Liz, is from Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil, and in recent years has been based in Amsterdam - where she is also in the process of learning the Dutch language.

She obtained her BA in History from UFSC and her Master's in Social History from UFF, both in Brazil. She studied the cultural influences of Portuguese colonization in everyday life in the state of Santa Catarina through the eyes of Franklin Cascaes, an independent artist.

In addition, she has worked as a curator, researcher and photography conservator at a private museum, and as a freelance writer, translator and content moderator. In her spare time, she helps academic students in the process of editing their articles for presentation at seminars, submitting to journals or conferences, and writing her own pieces on Medium.

Her main specialty areas are:
Cultural History

Pamella Amorim Liz

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