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Mundi Cox


A Kenyan native, Mundi Cox spent his formative years in Nairobi, a city of great cultural heritage, before emigrating to the Netherlands, where he currently resides.

His interest in great literature from a young age sparked in him a wide array of passions from history to fine art to film to politics; all of which were further complimented by the culturally diverse network of individuals he surrounded himself with.

His ambitions in higher education lead him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture at the renowned University of Amsterdam. He majored in World Literature and Linguistics, and completed his final dissertation on ‘The Destabilisation of Truth in Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita (1955)’.

Throughout his undergraduate he explored various other areas of interest including courses in literary analysis and philosophy, as well as minoring in Business Administration: Marketing and Management Strategies. These only further broadened his appreciation for different types of written word and gravitated him towards the ever-fascinating editorial world.

His main areas of expertise include:

• English literature
• Literary analysis
• Linguistics
• Academic research
• Creative and academic writing

Mundi Cox
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