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Mikaela Huet-Vray Nieto


Mikaela Huet-Vray Nieto was born in Poitiers, France (1999). She moved to Bogotá, Colombia when she was 5 years old to be closer to her family. At seventeen, she graduated with honors from the Lycée Français Louis-Pasteur. She then decided to move back to France to continue her studies. It was there that she discovered her love for literature and ended up doing a Double Degree at the Sorbonne. There she had the opportunity to write and learn about the classics in English and Spanish. Afterwards, she decided to continue with her Master’s Degree in Research. She then specialized in Latin American Literature and wrote two thesis on Colombian writers:

Thesis 2020-2021: “The literary worlds of Laura Restrepo in her novel Delirio (2004)” [from spanish: “Los mundos literarios de Laura Restrepo en su obra Delirio (2004)”].

Thesis 2021-2022: "The magical, corporal and feminist short-stories of the dancing anthology Vean vé, mis nanas negras (2001) by Amalia Lú Posso Figueroa" [from french: Les contes magiques, corporels et féministes de l’anthologie dansante, Vean vé, mis nanas negras (2001), d’Amalia Lú Posso Figueroa].

During that period, she was hired to be an Academic Tutor for 1st and 2nd year students at the university. She edited and corrected their written assignments on literature, translation and grammar. Since then, she has continued to work on her skills as a writer, a researcher, a translator and an editor. Several of her short-stories and poems have been published in literary magazines.

She’s currently working on her Ph.D. at the Complutense University of Madrid. She’s researching horror and science-fiction in South America and the Caribbean. Her main objective is to study female authors from her continent and show the feminist nature of this particular genre in the XXI century. Mikaela is looking to make her way in the publishing and research industry since it's what she is most passionate about.

Her specialty areas are:

• Latin American Literature
• French Literature
• English and American Literature
• Translation (ENG-FR-SPA)
• Creative Writing
• Academic Writing and Proofreading

Mikaela Huet-Vray Nieto

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