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Matthew Andrea D’Alessio

Ghost Editor

Matthew Andrea D’Alessio was born in Italy in 1999 and currently lives in Naples.

He graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in “Oriental and African Languages and Cultures” from the University of Naples “L'Orientale”, specialising in Chinese and Japanese language and culture. He is now attending a Master's degree course in “Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa”, studying Chinese and Hindi language and culture. Alongside his academic studies, he also takes online courses in Digital Marketing at start2impact University.

During his undergraduate studies, he had the opportunity to work as an editor and proofreader at a publishing house in Naples through an internship program. This experience has reinforced his passion for editing and writing, and he aspires to pursue a career in these fields.

He dedicates his free time to volunteering and spending quality time with his three cats. With his various skills and interests, he is always looking for new challenges to expand his knowledge and expertise.

His main speciality areas are:
• Creative writing
• Copywriting
• English language
• East Asian studies — Chinese and Japanese language and culture
• South Asian studies — Indian language (Hindi) and culture

Matthew Andrea D’Alessio

Writers of Editor

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