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Markos Kapsalis


Markos Kapsalis, was born at 1993 and spend most of his adolescent life in northen Greece. Since his elementary school years he showed interest and was involved in various cultural events and associations varying from traditional to more contemporary themes from Greece and internationally. Moreover he was a journalist and editor for the student newspaper in his highschool.

Later on he moved to Creta, starting his academic career in the local University, majoring in political philosophy and discourse analysis. Additionally his studies revolved around public policy and policy making, political sociology and communication studies. In the meantime, he kept on with his interest in coulture as member of the Cultural Student's Association, collaborating with many others in planning and organizing events with local and international groups.

After graduating, he was accepted in Leiden University and continued to further explore his love for political philosophy. During his studies he completed his first short documentary, as part of his thesis, by combining cinematography theory along with philosophical concepts and ideas critisizing contemporary issues of culture and consumption - and is the current field he is exploring after acquiring his degree.

Currently he is involved cultural centers around Netherlands while preparing his next visual project.

His main interests are:

• Continental Philosophy
• Post-structuralism
• Media Theory
• Cultural Research
• Performativity

Markos Kapsalis

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