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Maja Kovačević

Ghost Editor

Maja Kovačević was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1996. She obtained a Double Honors BA in English Language and Literature and German Language and Literature at the Philosophical Faculty of the University in Rijeka, with a thesis in translation and a Double Honors MA in Teaching English Language and Literature and German Language and Literature with a thesis in interdisciplinary research and translation of a 19th century book "Fiume in maritimer Beziehung" authored by Heinrich von Littrow.

Maja has been working as a professor of both English and German at secondary level education while simultaneously freelancing as a translator. She regards freelance translation her desired career path in the near future. She is an avid computer user and has experience in using Photoshop and has a certificate in Frontend Development.

Among her many interests are philosophy, especially existentialism and aesthetics, Jungian psychology, romantic and postmodernist literature and poetry, music ranging from Classical to Experimental, etc. She enjoys walks in nature, swimming, and cycling. If time permits, she practices drawing and painting. Her childhood dream is to attend the art academy.

Maja Kovačević
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