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Mònica Piferrer Gómez

Deputy Ghost Editor In Chief

Mònica Piferrer was born in 2000 in Spain. She recently finished a BA in Cultural Studies with Honours and is currently increasing her knowledge with a MA in Comparative Literature (Literary and Cultural Studies). Moreover, she is fulfilling her curiosity with a Narrative Course at the Writing School of Barcelona, as well as participating in various university conferences, seminars and publications. She is currently specializing in the area of reading the body as a text, more specifically ill bodies or identities which collide with normativity.

She likes to spend her free time reading, dancing, debating, writing and solving puzzles. She is sensitized to mental health and social segregation due to age, religion, gender, capacities, sexual orientation or identity, class or ethnicity. Regarding this wide set of interests, she has worked as a dance teacher, English and French teacher and since 2019, as a freelancer translating and proofreading both academic and informal texts in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

Her specialty areas are:

• Theory of Literature and Gender
• Art
• Philosophy

Mònica Piferrer Gómez
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