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Lorena Cano García


Lorena Cano was born in 1999 in Spain. When she finished high school, she was not
actually sure of what studies she should pursue. However, in the last year of high school,
she learned that people should have a job in something they love. What did Lorena love?
Books! For this reason, she studied a bachelor’s degree in English Studies at Balearic
Islands University. During these years, not only did she study literature, but also history
and linguistics. She specialized in translation and teaching English as a foreign language.

After graduating, she was very confused since she liked the editorial world, teaching,
translating, and interpreting. Therefore, she wanted to try everything. From 2021 to 2022,
she worked as an English teacher at Schwa Academy. Currently, she is studying a
master’s degree in Cultural Communication, Translation, and Interpretation in Public
Services at Alcalá de Henares University to pursue a career as a translator.

In her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy novels, watching Netflix, listening to pop,
and traveling. One of her passions is South Korean culture and she achieved her dreamy
journey in 2022 when she visited Seoul. Nowadays, she is living in Madrid discovering
its nooks and crannies.

Her specialty areas are:

• American and English literature and culture
• English as a Foreign Language
• Translation and Interpretation
• Korean culture

Lorena Cano García

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