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Lindsay Smith


Lindsay Smith was born in Ontario, Canada. She moved to the east coast of Canada where she attended
Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and obtained a Bachelor’s degree double majoring in English and
history. While at Dalhousie, Lindsay worked in the Writing Centre where she refined her craft of helping
others refine their work. After graduating, Lindsay moved back to Ontario where she worked odd jobs
and internships before going back to school at Humber College to study law. She obtained her
Associate’s degree and eventually began her legal career.

After working in law for over 5 years, Lindsay came to the realization that her love for writing was not
being fulfilled. She combined her keen eye for fine details with this love for the written word to pursue a
career in the field of editing. She is passionate about assisting others in communicating their message
and enjoys the process of creating a polished and precise piece of writing.

Lindsay eventually moved to the west coast of Canada and currently resides in BC. In her spare time, she
loves to work with her hands creating textile art through knitting, sewing, and weaving.

Specialty Areas:

• English Literature
• History
• Academic Writing and Grammar
• Textile Art

Lindsay Smith

Writers of Editor

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