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Kevin Gassebner


Kevin Gassebner, born in 1991 in South Tyrol, Italy, epitomizes the essence of a modern European. Growing up in a bilingual region that merges German-speaking Austria and Italy, Kevin developed a unique perspective on cultural synthesis. His journey from a rural farm to the global stage has given him a deep appreciation for the transformative power of education and art.

Kevin holds a BA in Journalism, Film, and Television Studies from London Metropolitan University, equipping him with the ability to distill complex ideas into engaging narratives. His career is marked by varied experiences in content creation, strategic planning, and storytelling that resonates and connects. He has worked with niche magazines and expansive digital platforms, demonstrating his adaptability to diverse audiences and formats.

Proficient in multiple languages, Kevin bridges cultural gaps and engages a global readership. At Arcadia, he aligns deeply with the mission to democratize access to high-quality educational and artistic content. As an editor, he views his role as a calling to contribute to a greater narrative. Kevin is inspired by the opportunity to blend his rich experiences and aspirations, leveraging his background and skills to foster an environment where art and academia are accessible to all, enriching lives and bridging communities worldwide.

Kevin Gassebner
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