Kearstin Estrada

Team Editor

Kearstin Estrada, has a Bachelor’s degree in English with a specialty in Creative writing and English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has earned a TEFL certification to teach English as a foreign language.

Born and raised in the United States, her professional background has seen her in a variety of roles, such as: a non-fiction editor for Furrow Literary Journal, an English language tutor and instructor for both children and adults, and a communications manager for various brands. Her passions are cultural studies, language, literature, translation, and travel.

Currently in Spain, Kearstin is an English language assistant for a Trilingual school in Madrid, a private language instructor for individual students, and an Editor at Arcadia. She also aspires to be a published author and continues to work on her novel. Her free time is spent writing stories, traveling to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reading fantasy novels, drinking strong coffee, and always learning.

Her specialty areas are:
• Creative writing
• English Literature

Kearstin Estrada

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