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Kağan Burunsuz

Ghost Editor

Kağan Burunsuz, Ankara (Turkey), 2000.
English Language and Literature (BA), ASBÜ.
An independent content writer and editor who is interested in promoting undervalued literary contents and a recipient of a federal scholarship prize from the Russian Federation; Kağan likes writing research articles and compilations of literary informations, learning new languages and putting together thorough analyses of separate research fields so as to obtain a different perspective in regards to each matter at hand. He has a habit of studying new languages in order to be able to further his research, attains a grasp of their logical backgrounds and cultural differences as well as their unique reasonings in each attempt and uses this skill to his advantage all the way to the conclusion of his research. As a Turkophone, he is fluent in English, intermediate in Russian and near-intermediate in German.

His fields of particular interest are:

• Literature
• History
• Linguistics
• Slavic Studies

Kağan Burunsuz

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