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Jonathan Til Raths


Jonathan Til Raths was born in 1991 in Bad Homburg, Germany. He obtained his BA in Arts & Culture with a minor in globalization & inequality and a major in political science at Maastricht University. He then pursued a masters in Globalization and Development studies, with a focus on sino-African Agricultural Development Cooperation models.

Jonathan’s path is anything but straightforward. A globetrotter at heart, he obtained his bi-lingual International Baccalaureate from the International School of Geneva before packing his bags and moving to Australia. There he worked at a prestigious school in the Victorian high country, and explored the continent thoroughly. Upon returning to Europe, Jonathan’s academic ambitions came to the forefront, and he enrolled at Maastricht University.

Throughout his studies Jonathan honed his critical thinking and research skills, pursuing topics that are near and dear to him. This included deep forays into philosophy, geopolitics & conflict, analysis of surveillance mechanisms in liberal democratic states, and critical theories around prevalent and emerging global development cooperation models. His strong sense of justice and desire to uncover the truth guided his academic endeavors, and serves as a beacon for everything he does.

Jonathan primarily considers himself a writer. He most enjoyed penning argumentative papers during his university time, investigating contentious topics. Most recently this passion for writing landed him in marketing for an e-learning platform in Canada where he successfully wrote, edited and produced front-facing commercial content. Currently Jonathan is actively combining his passions for sustainable development and marketing, helping accelerate the transition to solar energy within an ambitious scale-up located in The Hague, Netherlands.

In his free time Jonathan likes to stay active. That includes playing tennis, football, skiing, hiking and playing the drums. He also enjoys relaxing with a good fiction book, listening to podcasts, gaming and spending time with friends and family.

Jonathan is always looking for new challenges and horizons. His inquisitive nature, coupled with his international background and attention to detail allows him to consistently maintain high editorial standards. He’s thrilled to join Arcadia’s multicultural team, and firmly stands behind the mission statement of sharing the educational purpose of academic articles, free, to all people around the globe.

His main specialty areas are:

• Political culture
• Geopolitics & power systems
• Comparative literature
• Science & technology studies

Jonathan Til Raths

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