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Jeannie Diaz

Ghost Editor

Jeannie Diaz, was born in Japan but she is originally from the Philippines. Having read a novel by Ellen Hopkins when she was 12, she was inspired to always share her learnings from anything she reads. She pursued Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English and took units from the graduate course MA in Literary and Cultural Studies.

She believes that sharing knowledge, time, and books is essential so everyone can experience how fun and fulfilling it is to learn. With proper budgeting of time, Jeannie was able to do volunteer work in a feminist publishing house, work full time as an editor, work on her handmade accessories, and read 10 and above books every month. She is also always open for talks and seminars where she can share her knowledge with students about reading and writing.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Poetry
• Feminist Studies
• Philippine Literature

Jeannie Diaz

Writers of Editor

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