Giulia Gizzi

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Giulia Gizzi was born in Rome, Italy in December 1996. From a very young age she developed a true
passion for languages and music, beginning to study Spanish and violin during her last two years of
elementary school. Giulia dedicated her entire school and academic career to the study of languages and literature, finding herself constantly surrounded by fictional realms and practical worlds, traditional concepts and innovative ideas.

She graduated in 2021 obtaining her Master’s Degree in Literature and Intercultural Translation. Right after graduating, Giulia won a scholarship for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Program, and therefore moved to Portugal to start her internship as a Translation and Marketing Assistant in a local pharmaceutical company.

Giulia is an avid reader who strongly believes in the magic of the literary universe in every shape, colour and extension in which it manifests itself. She sees this universe as an ephemeral world, unreachable by the naked human eye, but that is, at the same time, extremely compassionate towards the relentlessly pragmatic humankind, since through its endless "messengers" (books, creative inspiration, the act of
writing, writers themselves, editors) allows its access, on tiptoe, to its abundant lands, giving permission
to dive within its deepest essence.

Her specialties are:
⁃ English Literature
⁃ Portuguese and Brazilian Literature
⁃ Translation & Intercultural Communication
⁃ Physical and Mental Health & Well

Giulia Gizzi

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