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Francesca Rubino Latorraca


Francesca Rubino Latorraca – Biography (Editor) Francesca was born in 1997 and currently lives in Italy.

She studied at the University of Calabria, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Performing Arts in 2019 discussing a thesis on storytelling. She completed her Master’s Degree in Communication and Information Technology in 2022 at the same university: her Master’s thesis focused on Artificial Creativity.

At the moment she is taking a sabbatical year to understand what will come after, dedicating herself to voluntary work in her hometown.

Her academic studies continue to fascinate her: she has a deep interest in new media and the point of contact between different fields – such as Artificial Intelligence and Humanities. She also loves media adaptations and spends some of her free time analyzing them, trying to deepen her knowledge of intersemiotic translation. Her love for the new media and their intersection with technology originates from her primary love for languages, which she has been studying since a young age.

In her spare time, she devours books, TV series, movies, and memes. She also writes short stories – an activity she is pursuing since she was eight – and she has been writing movie reviews and articles for an entertainment website for a year.

Her main specialty areas are in:

• Media studies
• Cultural studies
• Philosophy of language

Francesca Rubino Latorraca

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