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Francesca Rosa Ravallese


Francesca Rosa Ravallese was born in Bari, Southern Italy, where she currently lives, in 1997.

After attending a high school specialised in Classical Studies, in 2018 she graduated from the University of Bari with a BA in Foreign Languages and Cultures.
In 2020, her graduation paper, about the Gulag system and the letters sent from the lager in the Solovki islands by philosopher and scientist Pavel Florenskij, was awarded a memorial prize for best thesis in Slavistic Studies.
In the same year, she graduated from the University of Bologna with a MA in Comparative Literatures, with a thesis on rhythmic translation of songs.
Since then, she has never stopped studying: she took classes in Translation and Editing and is now graduating from University “Niccolò Cusano” with a BA in Humanities. Her research for this degree revolves around the influence of Shakespeare’s Hamlet on Italian and Russian arts in the twentieth century.
While studying, she worked as a teacher of Italian as a second language, first remotely for a private language school based in Moscow, later for a year in a college in Dublin. Currently, she works as an English language teacher for kids who left school ahead of time.
However, she mostly loves to edit and translate narrative texts. She is an experienced fiction editor and proofreader and recently she has started a collaboration with an Italian publishing house for the translation of a fantasy saga.
She is also a trained singer, performing both during private events and in public showcases.

Francesca always likes to push her boundaries a little bit further, gaining new skills and knowing people from all over the world. This is way she is so thrilled to join Arcadia as an editor, getting to work as a non-fiction editor in a multicultural, stimulating environment.

Specialty areas:
• Comparative Literatures
• English and Russian Culture
• Translation Studies
• Publishing

Francesca Rosa Ravallese

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