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Federica Clementi


Federica Clementi was born near Milano, Italy, in 1993. She obtained a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Milano, specializing in English and French. In 2018 she moved to Norway, where she completed her MA in Literacy Studies at the University of Stavanger, with a thesis on theatre, tragedy and femininity.

Federica has been translating and editing academic texts for fellow students since 2018. Topics
range from architecture, philosophy and law. Currently, she is employed at one of the international
schools in Oslo, where she works as an English teacher.

Her academic interest focuses primarily on gender and queer studies, literary criticism, theatre, and
podcasting as a new narrative device. She is also interested in education, EFL/ESL practices and
multilingualism in the classroom.

In her free time, Federica likes to read; sci-fi, horror and Japanese contemporary are her favourite
genres. She writes short stories, enjoys live music and is learning how to sew and embroider.

Federica Clementi

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