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Fanny Hạ Vân Hoang


Fanny Hạ Vân Hoang was born in 1992 near Paris, France. First daughter of six siblings in a bilingual French and Vietnamese family, she grew up as a keen learner of foreign languages and the subtleties specific to each of them. She went on to complete a double major Bachelor of Arts in English and Korean studies at the Université Paris Cité and its partner Korea University, before successfully pursuing a Master of Science in English Linguistics at the Université Paris Cité and the University of Edinburgh.

Years of academic training combined with experience in various types of translation have only made Fanny more passionate of working around words. Fanny is also committed as one of four administrators running a Discord server built as an autism-friendly space. . During her free time, she is more often than not found buried deep in a book, or crocheting with some good old timeless classic Agatha Christie audiobook playing in her headphones. Her current goals are to further develop her translating, editing and novel writing skills, as well as finally managing to shoot an apple at her local traditional archery club.

Her main specialty areas are:

• Linguistics, especially psycholinguistics
• Didactics and pedagogy
• Translation and localization
• Neurodiversity, particularly autism spectrum disorders
• Literature and poetry

Fanny  Hạ Vân Hoang

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