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Emily Wang


Emily Wang was born in 1999 in China and has lived in the UK since she was 4 years old. She completed her Bachelor's Degree in Language and Culture at University College London (UCL) and is currently completing a masters law conversion course at the University of Law.

From a young age, she took special interest in arts and humanities, being an avid reader of literature and writer of her own short stories, as well as a performer who immersed herself in theatrical spaces to hone her singing and acting skills. She has a fascination with storytelling as a whole, which extends to many forms of media, including books, films, TV, audiodramas and theatre.

She always liked studying languages at school and decided to take French, Spanish and Latin at GCSE level and went on to study French at university, during which time she also studied at the Paris Sorbonne. She has greatly enjoyed her BA course due to how multi-faceted and varied the modules were, ranging from the impact of 19th century serial killers to sequential art as a storytelling medium to the organised crime of the Italian Mafia.

In her spare time, she still enjoys reading and writing stories, starting out in D&D, video editing, gaming, singing and acting. She has also been a voice actress for 5 years as well as a recording artist in China since the age of 11.

Her main specialty areas are in:

• Literature
• Film/cinema
• Music
• Social media
• Culture
• Theatre
• Law

Emily Wang

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