Elvira Rystakova

Ghost Editor

Elvira Rystakova, was born in Grodno, Belarus in 1998. At the age of six, in primary school, she had her first experience with the English language and had a passion for it ever since.Her constant curiosity and desire for improvement encouraged her to move to Poland in 2015, after finishing school. Being an English aficionado, she obtained both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Specializing in culture, media, and translation, she was also passionate about existentialism, while studying American literature sparked her interested in transcendentalism. Later on, inspired by her BA Supervisor, Elvira delved into phenomenology, which she integrated into her MA dissertation. Having worked in the education, hospitality, and finance fields, she realized she missed academia, which brought her to Arcadia.

Her main specialties areas are:

• Literature
• Media
• Philosophy
• Phenomenology

Elvira Rystakova

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