Elisa Guglielmi

Ghost Editor

Elisa Guglielmi was born in Rome, Italy in 1995. She became curious about books from a very young age, developing a deep passion for music and foreign languages as well. She used to read lyrics of her favorite songs on CD booklets and translate them using a dictionary: this was before she found out how to use the Internet.

Chasing her interests, she studied English, French, and German in high school, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Culture, Languages, and Translation with majors in English and French. Her curriculum ranged from Anthropology to Philology, from Cinema to Art and History. During her academic years, she also earned an Erasmus Scholarship that allowed her to study in Lille, France for 9 months, where she had the opportunity to improve her language skills and experience life in a foreign country.
She is currently working as an editor in a literary agency in Rome, where she has already spent over a year as an intern. She coordinates projects and edits novels, poems, essays, and short stories, while also learning about editorial graphics on her own.

In her spare time, she loves a nice walk in nature, reading, going to the cinema, and visiting museums and art exhibitions. She travels whenever she can, daydreams a lot, and takes notes, knowing that a story will be born from those hundreds of drafts, someday…

Her main specialty areas are:
• Literature
• Art
• Culture
• Music
• Cinema
• History

Elisa Guglielmi

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