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Elena Morandini


Elena Morandini was born in Udine, Italy, in 1971. She is a BA in English and Spanish Literature from her hometown University. After an Erasmus in Spain and once she finished her studies, she moved to Alicante, where she started to work as an in-house translator and interpreter in different agencies and companies with a preference for legal and technical translation. Even so, she compaginated her nine-to-five job with freelancing assignments, especially academic text revision and IT TQA.

During the Pandemic, she updated her knowledge with an official Master’s in English and Spanish as Specialised Languages, where she discovered her skills in medical translation and the new promising field of Computational Linguistics. As an out-of-the-box thinker and lover of top-notch technologies, she gave a further turn of the screw to her professional career, attending her first PhD year in Forensic Computational Linguistics and learning to code in Python. Ultimately, her dastardly plan is to become a Computational Linguist, create a start-up, make it a unicorn, and be rich.

She is patient and loves travelling, walking in nature, the Mediterranean Sea, music (The Cure on top of all), computers, books and learning new things (not necessarily in this order and not always).

She is professionally skilled in:

• Translation & edition
• Academic writing
• Linguistics
• English and Spanish Literature

Elena Morandini

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