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Cristina Madalina Cruceanu


Cristina Madalina Cruceanu was born in 1996 in Adjud, Romania. At the age of 7 she moved to Rome, Italy, where she still lives. At Roma Tre University, Cristina completed her BA in Linguistic Mediation, English and Russian, while for her MA she decided to focus on the world of journalism and publishing.

During her years at the University, she conducted research on various topics such as the representation of female figures in television storytelling, the power of emotions in storytelling, especially in the scientific field, the state of publishing and journalism in Italy. She has also made numerous analysis and linguistics comparisons based on British journalism.

After university, she combined her passion for writing and that for new digital media by becoming a copywriter and she started to work on cross-media projects while never abandoning her first vocation, namely that of translation. She currently works in Rome and spends her free time reading a lot, listening to podcasts and dancing.

Her areas of specialization are:
• Journalism
• International affairs
• Culture
• Translation

Cristina Madalina Cruceanu

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