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Clare McGhee

Ghost Editor

Clare McGhee was born in 1997 in Charleville, Australia. She completed schooling and university on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She graduated from the school of Creative Industries, at the University of the Sunshine Coast, majoring in Creative Writing and Publishing with a minor in English Literature. Clare is a zealous creative with hopes of working as an editor and writer. Her degree entailed an examination of creativity blended with a business approach.

Clare specialises in creative writing, publishing, and English Literature. In addition, she has fundamental knowledge of marketing, event management and content writing. She studied feminist theory in depth and has an interest in ethics and communication theory. Her final essays focused on deconstructing the Australian psyche in correlation with romanticised criminality, and a destabilisation of patriarchal constructs of gender that subvert the female subject under expectations of purity, marriage, and motherhood. Clare’s graduate creative project was a poem in which she tangled themes of liminality and love and the piece was featured in a published anthology of student works.

In her spare time Clare is a poet and vocalist, she has written and recorded vocals with several Australian musical groups and continues refining her poetic devices. She is extremely excited at the opportunity of working with Arcadia and enhancing her editing knowledge in the industry.

Specialty Areas

• English Literature
• Writing
• Publishing

Clare McGhee

Writers of Editor

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