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Chiara Saponaro


Chiara Saponaro was born in 1997 in Milan, Italy. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in the same city, then moved to Trento to study for her master’s degree in Cognitive Science. She is now a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology and Linguistics in Milan.

She has always been passionate about language and shaped her educational pathway according to this profound interest. In her studies, she investigates language from a scientific point of view, aiming at understanding the cognitive mechanisms of language and thought, and the relations existing between them. She is interested in studying how conceptual representations and linguistic realizations emerge and develop in children, and how this process differs across languages and cultures.

She believes that scientific research is not completed until it has been delivered to everyone, which is why she decided to work at Arcadia. She agrees with the organization’s mission to bring education to people all over the world, free, and accessible, without constraints on the topic. Language is a beautiful topic to study, but it is also an excellent tool to share our knowledge with everyone.

Her specialty areas are:

• Language acquisition
• Psycholinguistics
• Developmental psychology

Chiara Saponaro

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