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Celia Bisti


Celia Bisti, was born in 2000, in Athens, Greece. She spent all of her adolescence living abroad, and she graduated school with an IB diploma in 2018. Later, she attended The American College of Greece where she obtained a BA in Communications, with a focus on Advertising and Public Relations, in 2021. At the same time, she worked as a barista. Currently, she lives in Geneva and she is pursuing her master’s degree in Fashion Management, whilst working part-time at a financial consulting firm. She believes that everything you do in life is an experience that eventually becomes a vital piece of the overall puzzle.

She gained the ability to adapt and exceed under ever-changing circumstances from a young age due to moving multiple times. This, subsequently, led to her passion for creative writing, which stemmed from the desire to be heard. Writing has always been a part of her academic life, as much as of her personal life. She recently got one of her flash-fiction pieces published in an online literary magazine.

She speaks English, Greek, French and a little bit of Spanish. Her interests involve literature, writing, photography and makeup. She is also a huge fan of good, quality cinema.

Celia Bisti
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