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Camilla Amitrano


Camilla Amitrano was born in 2000, in Naples, Italy. During her adolescence she
moved between Scotland and the United States, where she graduated high school in
2018. She obtained her BSc in Applied Biological Sciences at the University of
Stirling, with a focus on microbiology and cellular biology in 2022. Subsequently, she
elected to undertake postgraduate studies, earning a Master's degree in Quantitative
Genetics from the University of Edinburgh in 2023, where the focus of her thesis was
to determine maternal genetic variance and inbreeding depression in birth weight
using genomic data of a wild red deer population. Throughout her university career,
she worked part time as a barista and participated in STEM outreach activities, being
also a STEM Ambassador member.

Living in different countries has afforded her invaluable insights into various cultures,
fostering an ability to quickly adapt to new and challenging situations. She enjoys
keeping up to date with current research in the field of biology, and spends her free
time reading, drawing, and hiking the beautiful Scottish countryside. Currently she is
looking to further her academic career, hoping to pursue a Ph.D. in 2024.

Specialty Areas:
Quantitative Genetics
Population Genetics
Evolutionary Genetics

Camilla Amitrano
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