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Benoit Gaume

Academic Advisor

Born in 1998 in Nice, Benoit has been living and studying in many places around the globe. After spending his early years in France, Benoit moved to the United King to study history. These studies took him in Australia for a year, an entire semester in Venice and finally in Scotland. Although Benoit went through numerous modules, his main area of study remained the Early Modern world with a special emphasis for Renaissance and 17th century French History. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in 2020 and his Master of Letters in 2021. He is now currently pursuing a PhD and researching on Louis XIV's finances.

Outside his academic cursus, Benoit teaches for free for a non-profit organization which seeks to help precarious children in need. He seeks to share the knowledge he acquired during his studies and also to give back to the country which welcomed him years ago.

His specialities are:

• History
• Early Modern French History
• Trans-Atlantic Trade
• The Florentine Quattrocento

Benoit Gaume

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