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Beckie Stewart


Beckie Stewart was born in Northern Ireland in 1991, before moving to England to obtain a
bachelor's degree in English Literature at the University of Manchester. Her thesis centered
upon the ideas of warriorhood and womanhood in Maori literature from a postcolonial
perspective. This has since inspired a deep dive into texts which explore decoloniality and those
which criticize the perceived universality of western paradigms and ways of thinking.

During this time, she was a general editor for a self-published creative writing anthology, where
she garnered a passion for editing and curating.

Having grown up surrounded by the influence of Irish writing, music and history, she began
writing poetry at a young age. Her work has been published both at home and abroad, with
themes circling around identity, loss and selfhood.

Based now in Barcelona, she is a teacher of the English language to Spanish and Catalan
adults, alongside a side project exploring and teaching creative writing. She is an active
member of the spoken word scene and literary community, spending her time between the city
and a farmhouse in the hills of Catalunya. She aspires to pursue a career in the writing industry,
with particular focus on creative non-fiction, prose poetry and memoir.

Her specialty areas are:

● English literature
● Contemporary poetry
● Postcolonial literature

Beckie Stewart

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