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Ayşin Aytatlı


Ayşin Aytatlı was born in Turkey. She graduated from high school with International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2022. Now, she is pursuing her Psychology B.A at Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey. At the same time, she works as news anchor at Radio Bilkent and English teacher in a non-governmental organization. She can speak English, German and Turkish and eager to learn many more. In her free times she likes painting, writing, discovering the cutting edges of cinema and learning new languages.

She has been involved in many non-governmental organizations and volunteering projects since she believes in the power of sharing knowledge and spreading awareness.

Her interests involve developmental and social psychology, media studies, broadcasting and elocution.

Ayşin Aytatlı is now looking forward to developing and enhancing her skills as and editor.

Ayşin Aytatlı
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