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Anastassia Serguienko


Anastassia Serguienko was born in Moscow where she attended Law School receiving her first Master’s degree. After a short experience as a legal consultant in a mechanical industry, she moved to Italy for private reasons. Starting life in a country with very different socio-economic and political fundamentals meant a complete revision of the professional background. Having always been attracted by medicine and biology, she started a professional nursing school. When she successfully got to senior year, she realized that this profession did not fit her ambitions and so, she decided to take a break for meditation and accepted a job as a translator-interpreter in an international trading company.

Four years spent in the business environment were interesting educational experience. During that time, she learned a lot about the trade of goods, about social dynamics in private companies, about conducting negotiation, and perfected her Italian. However, she also realized one more time that this was not her thing.
Life often gives multiple chances and Anastassia was lucky to get one more chance again. But this time she knew exactly what she wanted. Since high school she was passionate about science and the mysteries of life and living organisms. Therefore, this time she decided to follow her dream. That is how the adventure in molecular biology started. After completing Bachelor’s degree in the University of Rome, she continued her Master studies in Oslo University in Norway. Once graduated as molecular biologist, she was accepted to a PhD program, which she carried out in the University of Oslo and in the Institute for Cancer Research.
Today Anastassia is an experienced research scientist driven by her great curiosity for the unknown. Beyond her professional interest in cancer and immunology, she is very interested in medicinal plants and phytochemicals.

Anastassia Serguienko
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