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Aleksandra Violana

Ghost Editor

Aleksandra Violana is currently based in the United Kingdom, where she is funded through a Cambridge Le Bas Doctoral Scholarship in completing a PhD in English literature at the University of Cambridge. Prior to this, she completed an MPhil in English literature, drawing also on Russian literature, at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, and a BA Hons with concentrations in European literatures, linguistics, languages, arts and cultures at Utrecht University, Netherlands, having concluded her earlier school education in Slovenia.

Parallel to her academic commitments, she has also worked in the arts and cultures more broadly, including as an art researcher, producer, collections aide, writer, editor, translator and interpreter across a number of publications, educational initiatives, and arts and cultural institutions in Europe and Asia. She currently holds editorial posts at Arcadia, Eikon, and The Cambridge Journal of Law, Politics, and Art.

Her areas of editorial expertise include:

• Cultural Criticism
• Literature (Philosophy and History )
• Language (Philosophy and History)
• Art (Philosophy and History)

Aleksandra Violana
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